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James Blackwell
James Blackwell

Dear Real Estate Agent,

You’re reading this either because you’re a newer agent disillusioned by your choice in which brokerage to start your career at or an experienced agent who needs something different from what you are getting from your current brokerage.

If you’re newly licensed, you need to ensure that you join the right brokerage at the beginning of your career to ensure that you actually have a career in Real Estate…

If you’re an experienced agent, you may be feeling that you’re not getting any value out of your broker’s side of your commission split, and are looking for the commission split and support from your broker that you feel you deserve.

Either way, we may be the perfect solution for you!

Here is some real talk for new agents, just starting out in their career...

Did you know that 85% of new licensees do not renew their license after two years and 95% get out in 5 years? That is the stark reality of the career path you are embarking on, but your journey in Real Estate does not have to end that way. The secret to success in this business is starting your career at the RIGHT BROKERAGE, and putting in the EFFORT that it takes to get a successful real estate career off the ground!

Right now, your head is probably spinning with either doubt about the brokerage you did join or trepidation about the decision of which brokerage to join. This decision is and will be the most consequential of your career!

My name is James Blackwell, and I was a new agent who joined the wrong brokerage at the beginning of my career and it almost cost me my career!

The first office I joined was a big, well-known brand with 200 agents in my office and thousands across the region. I thought bigger was better, and fell for the lure of an “extensive training program,” only to find that the successful agents in my office couldn’t be bothered to give a new agent advice or time, and the “extensive training” I received consisted of another struggling agent teaching a class out of a binder for an hourly wage because she didn’t make enough money actually selling real estate to support herself! At the end of that first year, I was seriously doubting my decision to become a real estate agent as I had only sold two houses, one of which was to myself!

Then I switched to a smaller brokerage and found a mentor/coach who showed me HOW to be a successful agent one on one... I sold 27 houses that second year and 42 in my third. The difference was getting one-on-one coaching and mentorship from someone who had sold real estate at a high level, who not only understood what to do but why.

After four years in the business, I took over a 30-agent office as the manager and doubled per agent productivity in just one year, without losing a single agent to a competitor. I did this by teaching the agents how I did business and putting in minimum standards for what it meant to be an agent in my office.

Eventually, I joined Keller Williams to learn their business model from the inside out. While I was there, I started the James Blackwell Team, and within two years it became the No. 1 team in our office, with three of my four buyer’s agents ranked in the top 20 as individual agents in the office (out of approximately 180 agents), and none of them had been in the business for more than two years! I just taught them my way of doing business, and it worked.

I left Keller Williams almost six years ago to start Blackwell Real Estate, and I am proud to say that all three of those original top-producing agents are still with me, along with quite a few more. In fact, I’ve only lost one agent to an outside brokerage through these last six years because our business model and culture fits everyone from a new agent just starting out, to a seasoned pro looking for the tools they need, and the commission split they deserve to run a successful, profitable business.

I have a unique agent services-based business model; For new agents, I teach them how to be great and provide the exact tools I use to run my own business to help them get their careers off the ground. I even pay for their initial marketing expenses. I don’t just tell them what newsletter or email to send; I do it for them as a partner in their initial success, and then gradually transition them to our 100% commission program.

For experienced agents, I offer our 100% commission program and access to all the tools I use to run my own business. That’s how we differentiate ourselves from the other 100% commission program companies. None of them give you access to a proven, benchmarked system for running your business, help you implement that system, and then give you access to marketing materials, photography, virtual tours, flyers, brochures, and more for less than you are probably paying outside vendors right now!

Agents new to real estate start on a 50/50 split, but we pay for all marketing from lead generation to property marketing for their first two deals. Once they’ve settled two transactions, they move up to a 70/30 split and take over the cost of marketing themselves. After eight settled transactions, they move on to our 100% commission plan for $295 per month.

If you sit down and do the math, there is no other brokerage out there who will help you keep more of your commission in your pocket, while offering you the professional level support you need.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of success our agents have experienced…

- Heather Matinchek moved to Maryland from out of state, joined BRE as a brand new agent, and got her first deal under contract in less than 60 days from joining the brokerage.

- Cheryl Byrd joined our brokerage as a new agent and took her first $925K listing within 30 days of getting licensed and earned her 100% commission split in a little over a year.

- Marika Clark had been in business for over 10 years, and had worked for some of the biggest names in Real Estate before joining BRE and sells more here, and says that she is happier here than any place she’s ever worked.

- Cheri Gavin, an Associate Broker with almost 20 years of experience, brought her team of Luxury Specialists to BRE and raves about how our in-house marketing staff makes marketing her listings a breeze.

So here’s my offer: For new agents, we’ll teach you how to be a successful real estate agent, give you the tools you need, and help you get your career off the ground. For experienced agents, we’ll put you on a 100% commission program and help you run your business more efficiently, and at a lower cost, which will help you sell more and keep more of your commission.

When you join our team, we’ll instill in you our way of marketing and selling real estate. The first thing we’ll do is teach you how and why our method of selling real estate works. We’ll discuss the custom marketing touches we’ll implement for you and why they work. We’ll teach you about the importance of consistency in your business and show you little tricks on how to be consistent...From there, we’ll ensure you have the technical knowledge and expertise to handle any transaction with professionalism and ease.

I am so confident in our ability to help you grow, that we guarantee your success, or you get your money back! That’s right...We guarantee it!

For new agents, if you complete your training on time and follow each step in our system, we guarantee you’ll have your first deal under contract in less than 4 months, or we’ll refund you your broker fees.

For experienced agents, if you implement our systems, we guarantee you’ll sell more properties in your first 12 months with us than you did in the 12 months prior to joining us, or we’ll refund you every dime you’ve given us over your first 12 months with BRE!

Our real estate market is on the verge of a shift, the strong market we’ve seen over the last few years can’t go forever. The time is NOW to make the move that will ensure your success in any market!

So don’t wait to get in contact with me if you’re interested in joining our team or want to chat about it further.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

James Blackwell

P.S.: Here’s the answer to the most commonly asked question I get about working here:

“Does not working for a big brand hurt you?” The simple answer is an unequivocal NO...None of our agents have ever lost a single deal because they’re not affiliated with a big brand. You know who says, “Brand is important” when it comes to choosing a brokerage to affiliate with? Big brokerages who use that statement as leverage for low commission splits, that’s who! Your clients hire you, not the brand on your business card, and we’ll teach you how to get more of them!